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To make your visit as seamless as possible, we kindly ask that you take a moment to complete our PATIENT REGISTRATION & HEALTH HISTORY form before your appointment. You can easily download the form online, fill it out, and bring it with you or email it to smile@salemdental.comIf you have a scheduled appointment in our office, you will receive a link to complete these forms prior to your visit. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here to help make your experience a pleasant one. 

we’re here to answer all your questions

It is our goal to answer any questions you may have about dental implants so you will feel comfortable about dental implant treatment. If you have any questions not answered on our FAQ page, please reach out to us. Our dental team is here to provide you with the information you need, you can call, email or ask us during your visit. 

Yes, we do accept insurance and are in network with many plans. Contact our office or your insurance company to verify if we are a provider for your plan. As a reminder, most insurance plans have an annual benefit limit that they will pay towards and any additional treatment that is above that annual limit would be the patient’s responsibility. 

Yes! Your dentist can prescribe medications that are necessary for your treatment and recovery  before and after a dental procedure.

We have appointments available usually within a week or two. A quick call to the office will put you in contact with our amazing staff that can find a time that works for your schedule.

Dental implant healing time is usually 3-4 months. The process for single implants from surgery to restoration averages about 4 months. For a complete arch, or “all on 4” the process averages about 6 months. Cost for implants vary dependent upon each patient’s unique situation. Sometimes other procedures need to be done in conjunction with dental implant placement and can change the cost for the patient. Insurance can play a role in the cost as well. It is best to call the office and set up an evaluation and scan appointment  to allow us to give you the most accurate estimate possible. Industry average for a single implant and restoration is $4000-6000.

Yes! We offer a full range of sedation dentistry from IV deep sedation, IV moderate/twilight sedation, oral sedation to N2O. We want you to feel comfortable when having treatment and can provide the level of sedation to make your procedure a positive experience for you. We are happy to have our MS CRNA, Adam Kearns administer the sedation while the doctor is performing your dental procedure. We take your comfort and health very seriously and will offer the best option for you and your situation.

With any procedure done, there can be a level of discomfort. It is truly an individual journey as to the level of discomfort one may feel.  The doctor will prescribe pain medication to help you manage any discomfort that may arise after your procedure. Please make sure you communicate with our clinical staff how you are feeling so we can make sure you are getting the level of care needed for your recovery.

We offer several options to make your dental implant treatment fit your budget. We partner with several financial companies that have a wide offering of terms (upon approved credit) that can make monthly payments very affordable. We have an in-house payment plan as well. We will have our treatment coordinators work with you to find a plan that will best fit your budget.